Connect Body & Mind Tweed Gold Coast

At AquaMarine Healing I want you to feel comfortable, supported and heard.

And within that.. I want to help encourage, empower and inspire you to be more connected with your body and yourself.

I do this through the different modalities of Massage, CranioSacral Release, Forensic Healing and Body Treatments.

My passion is to inspire and encourage women to become more in touch with their bodies and themselves.

I do this in and through my treatments and sister circles.

I myself am on a journey of self discovery and self empowerment.

While practicing Beauty Therapy, the body intrigued me so much that I wanted to learn more about helping the body through touch.

Cert IV in massage was soon followed by module 1 and 2 in Oncology Massage and Diploma in Remedial Massage.

The mind body connection kept intriguing me and CranioSacral Therapy was a perfect step to add to my scope of practice to further develop my experience.

To actually listen to your body and allow. To actually listen to YOU.

Forensic Healing created more of a connection to actively look at emotions, beliefs systems and other factors that may be blocking your body and maybe where you feel stuck in your life. I love this modality to delve deeper into you.

CranioSacral Release

Forensic Healing

Intuitive Massage

Body Treatments

I am so passionate about healing as I love to empower you in transforming your life.

Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs have an enormous effect on our bodies and it’s ability to repair itself.