CranioSacral Release

For anyone wishing for gentle support in releasing stress, anxiety, tension and trauma held within the body.

Using light touch CSR can lead to changes in areas of restriction and discomfort and an optimizing of general health, bringing balance to body and mind.

Through a series of treatments, clients can experience greater vitality and well being.

When we become overwhelmed “the energy just doesn’t go away – it gets locked very deeply in the body. That’s the key.” (Levine, 2013).
“(When) we have a person who is locked in the fight-or-flight response, a person who is functioning primarily in the brainstem, and the language of the brainstem is the language of sensations. So if you are trying to help the person work with the core of the trauma response, you have to talk to that level of the nervous system,” (Levine, 2013).

  • 1 hour $80
  • 4 weekly treatments $280

Combine it with Forensic Healing for a more holistic body, mind and soul approach:

  • 90 minutes $115
  • 2 hrs $155